When a Tornado Knocks Your “House” Down

Imagine sitting in your house quietly enjoying the beauty of your
surroundings.  You have spent some time here, building a comfortable, healthy, light-filled place, always seeking God’s wisdom and guidance in every room, every wall color…every part of this “place” in which you are living.  Suddenly, without warning, you feel the walls shake, and you are tumbled into darkness, with all the pieces of your “house” lying over you weighing you down into a big dark hole. It’s shocking, and you struggle to breathe, to survive, to comprehend the madness that has hit you, knocking you into a deep, dark place.  It defies reason, there was no warning, no time to prepare, no time for a “Plan B,” no way of saving yourself from the devastation.

In truth, this storm hit the emotional “house” of one very dear to me just last Saturday morning. A strong, healthy, carefully constructed relationship built on seeking God’s will and accepting God’s guidance was suddenly ended, with no warning and no explanation.  Dear One (DO) is in the pit of a big, dark hole, with tons of debris weighing her down, and right now she is trapped under the weight of it.

Clichés are never very useful, and irritating at best, but in spite of storms that crush us and leave us reeling, “life goes on”.  Life infuriatingly continues on the outside of the deep hole.  The temptation to just lie there and give up has a strong pull, but you were never designed to just lie down and quit.  You are a mover, a builder, a dreamer of great dreams…lying down and quitting isn’t in your nature or God’s plan for you and His purposes in your life.

The biggest question is…what now? Because my heart longs for reasons and methods to help this dear one dig out of this, I thought and prayed today about the analogy of DO sitting in the rubble of her destroyed house and these things came to me.

1) Assess the damage.  Can your breathe?  Can you move your body, can you see or feel anything? Just the basics of maintaining your human body must take precedence over anything right now.  It’s like the airlines tell us if a plane is crashing, to “put your own oxygen mask on first.”  You cannot save anyone else if you cannot breathe. You have to eat, rest and continue to keep your body alive in the world.  Nothing good can come if you are not here.

2) Stop and take a look around.  Listen. Can you see or hear anything? Is there any light coming from any source near you? Who else might be stirring around in the rubble?  It might be your children or your closest friends, check and listen to see who is in this with you.

3) When you have figured out that you are still alive…even if you are having trouble believing you are…you have to figure out how to get out of the hole. What do you need to lift and move out of the way?  What is blocking you? There is no way to predict how long this process might take, minutes, days, hours, or weeks…no matter.  You have to keep lifting and climbing.  Listen….there are people outside now calling your name.

4) Before you even try and stand on your feet, get first aide.  Get treatment for your injuries. Recognize and acknowledge your pain and damage.

5) Look around..is any one still trapped in the debris?  If you are unable to help them without further injury, try and have someone else help them.

6) Get good help.  There are pieces and parts of the mess that are worth sorting through and saving. Take each piece and weigh it in your hands in light of the before and after.  Some you need to cling to, and some needs to be left behind.

7) Hang on to your faith.  In spite of the damage, the loss, and the devastation, just keep hanging on. Scream and cry out to god, be angry, express the pain in your writing, and seek solace and comfort.  Your house fell down on you, God gets it.  And in His sovereignty He “allowed” this to happen, but He is not the author of your pain. God’s perfect will does not knock houses down on people.  He doesn’t take away gifts He has given, He doesn’t throw His children into deep, dark holes. You would not knock a house down on your child, and neither would He.

8) Take some time to heal. Grant yourself some grace. I know what works for you, so keep busy, but also acknowledge that this pain will be your companion only for a season.  Let those who love you help you carry it.  Let us hold your heart in our hands, and keep you as safe and cared for as possible.

9) Figure out what cannot be saved from the rubble.  Some things are precious and others need to be left behind in the mess of it all.

10) Take the good stuff left, and rebuild.  This is the hardest step. This one takes time.  It means you have to look forward, and looking forward is impossible when you are in survival mode.  Just try and believe this step is out there ahead of you.

11) Seek wise council, in God, your church, any and all who are gifted in this way.

Just breathe, and keep breathing.