Goodbye 2014

2014 was a rough year, and I honestly am so happy to see the end of it. We lost my husband’s mother this year. Both my parents were in the hospital for scary, pain-filled weeks, and several other family members had surgeries and illnesses. I’m sick of hospitals!

I love the idea of a blank page to be filled with all the good things we can crowd into each and every day. The Big Guy will be 66 this year, and I will be 64. Wow, just wow.

My goal is to cram in as much love and joy and happiness as I can possibly squeeze into each and every day, to pray without ceasing, to love those God has given me to love.

I wish you peace in the living of the days to come.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014

  1. I wanted to stop by and thank you for following along on our homesteading adventures over at, we are also looking forward to a new year full of peace, love, and joy jam-packed into daily blessings!
    Peace to your heart~ Wendy

      1. Thank you mamalinda! It is always a grand adventure here on the homestead, but one always filled with God’s Grace! We are so thankful for the daily gifts that come and look forward to sharing with others!!!
        Have a Blessed day!

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