Peace In The Deep

Love the imagery.

Just Breathe

There is something soothing about the ocean. Something about the noise it makes as the waves crest and crash into the sand just lulls me into a relaxed sometimes almost catatonic state. The waves just keep coming in rhythmic formation, building, cresting then washing up to the shore, then back to the water. I love watching the ocean, feeling the balmy breeze across my face, and lounging to just get in the water. Soothing, calming, relaxing.

Watching the ocean is therapeutic, but there is always that moment where I no longer want to be a spectator. I no longer want to just listen to the sounds and watch the beauty of the water, I want to experience it. I have to get in. It always starts the same where I walk to the edge of the water and let the waves wash over my feet, feeling the warmth of theā€¦

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